8 Top Brands Creating Representation for Black Women in Gaming

I think it’s awesome that we, Black women, continue to make the push year after year to create more representation for Black women in gaming. I know there are still some people struggling to see which brands are at the forefront of representation. This is my gift to the Twitter-verse looking for brands to follow. It’s a shortlist of 8 companies owned by Black women and representing Black Women really doing the work.

  1. Black Girl Gamers:

Black Girl Gamers, founded by Jay-Ann Lopez, is continuously pushing for more representation for Black women in gaming. Whether it’s with their Online Summit featuring mostly Black women in the gaming industry sharing their journey. Or their Twitch Team which features all Black women with amazing personalities.

2. Brown Girl Gamer Code

Brown Girl Gamer Code, founded by Brandii JaVia, focuses on coding and gaming. They host coding and emote creating workshops, and interview people in the industry on Twitch. These tools, resources, and stories that BGGC shares give hope to other Black women see it’s possible to get into gaming and tech.

3. Curls + Controllers

Curls and Controllers, founded by Junae Benne, started as a subscription box fusing natural hair care and video games. It is now focusing on creating artwork featuring Black women with natural hair as video game characters. Which is refreshing people because as Blerds we usually get Asian and White characters on merch.

4. Fabulize Mag

Can’t a girl fabulize herself? This magazine is centered around Black nerdom and is loud and proud of being inclusive of all Black people. The creator of the magazine, Erika Hardison, runs My Superheroes are Black! Facebook group where all types of Black people are welcome, except hoteps, bigots, or homophobes. Fabulize Mag is refreshing because it’s nerdom from a Black standpoint, written by Black nerds.

5. Dynamik Focus

Dynamik Focus is an esports team owned by Aziza Brown. She said in a recent PAX Online panel that she used to not be the face of her brand. It’s a great thing she is the face of her esports team because this shows us Black women in another position of power. Aziza prides herself on creating more representation for Black women in the esports space.

6. Geek Game Tyte

Geek Game Tyte is a news publication owned by Tamika ‘Red Infamy’ Moultrie, which focuses on all things video games. She not only writes the content herself but uplifts Black women throughout her platform. It doesn’t stop on the website, she continues to do so on her LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media. One of her most recent efforts to continue creating representation for Black women in gaming is her PAX Online panel, Uncovering Black Women Voices in Esports.

7. Ladies’ Night

Ladies’ Night is a fighting game community (FGC) organization that welcomes all women in the FGC, but is founded ran by Taneisha ‘Professor High Kick’ Jane. Ladies’ Night started as an idea to play fighting games with like-minded women who want to kick back and relax without the toxic vibes some men can bring to the FGC. It’s flourished into a safe space for Black women and other WOC to play fighting games.

8. Thumbstick Mafia

Thumbstick Mafia created my Anastasia ChasingLux & Sharky, two nerdy Black women, is a place where gaming creatives can hone their skills and grow. Not only do they give creative the tools to succeed, but they also feature Black women in gaming via interviews and spotlights.

Thanks for taking the time out to check out my lists. All of these companies are pretty close to my heart. The other ladies, Jay-Ann, Brandii, and Erika, Aziza, Red, Taneisha, Asia, and Sharky have such a heart for Black women whether it’s encouraging us to be in a safe space, getting our coin, or supporting one another they are here for it. Please check them out and support their endeavors and journeys.



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Junae Benne

Junae Benne


Junae Benne, first of her name, player of video games, voice of justice and equality, writer of literature & memes.